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The application and maintenance of Chlorella in family gardening

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The patella belongs to the genus of patella of the Convolvulaceae, and there are patella with pinnatifolia patella patella, raptor flower, jinpingfeng, patella patella large flower patella, red patella, palm leaf patella, red five-star, round leaf patella 4 kinds of Citrus quinquefolia and Citrus quinquefolia.

Native to tropical America, it can be used as a fence, trellis and traction on the balcony. It loves warm sex, avoids cold and is afraid of frost. The suitable temperature for seed germination is 20~25℃. Sunlight is required. Sunlight is not required.Strictly, it takes a short day to bloom. The requirements for the soil are not strict, and it likes fertile and loose loam.

Growing seedlings in the protected area in spring, planting after the final frost, the seedling period is 45 days, the seed weight is about 13 grams, and the life span is 3 to 4 years. Each fruit contains 3 to 4 seeds, which should be picked as they mature.

Ordinary seedlings use nutrient soil for sowing, 100 grams of seeds per square meter of seedbed are required, after sowing, cover about 1.5 cm of fine soil, and the ground temperature is 20-25 ℃, and the seedlings can emerge in 4 days. Seedlings are afraid of drought. Seedling pots with a diameter of 8 cm are used for transplanting, Plant one seedling per container and move it only once. Pay attention to the water supply when using 72-hole plugs for sowing. The water should be appropriate in the middle and late stages of seedling raising, but avoid entanglement.

Planting after the final frost, the growth of Chinensis is large, enough base fertilizer should be applied, spreading evenly, deep turning, and digging holes for planting after soil preparation, 1 plant per hole, covering the seedling tuft with fine soil, watering and sealing the hole, single-row planting,The distance between plants is about 35 cm, the distance between self-seeding seedlings is smaller, and the seedling planting or fertile soil should be larger.

In the early stage, the vines should be artificially introduced to the shelf. The self-sown ability of Chrysanthemum is strong, but the seeds cannot be selected. The safflower stems are dark red and the white flower stems are green. Because the seeds of safflower will also separate white flowers, pay attention to the selection.

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