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What to do if there is a small black flying insect in the flowerpot try the folk remedy

2019-04-19 10:47 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
I saw flower friends asking what to do if there were little black flying insects in the flowerpots, and there were also flower friends thinking about using traditional remedies without medicine. Fortunately, thousands of flower friends all over the country have some experience and experience in eliminating Xiao Hefei.Come and share with your flower friends.
Remedy 1: Cover the surface of the flowerpot with a clean medium such as vermiculite, sand, etc., and Xiaoheifei will naturally disappear. This advantage is non-toxic and harmless, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The surface of the flowerpot will have weak air permeability, andNot so pretty.
Recipe 2: Watering the flowers with mosquito-repellent incense powder is also effective, and it is not easy to get so much mosquito-repellent incense powder for a while.
Folk remedy 3: Use 3% hydrogen peroxide to water the flowers, the ratio is about 1:2, this ratio is not so strict, for safety, you can start to try with a low concentration, the response of flower friends is good, and it does not hurt the flowers. Hydrogen peroxideGenerally available in pharmacies, 3-5 yuan a bottle is enough.
Let’s talk about how this little black fly came here.
From the editor’s observation, the general potting soil is organic soil such as mulch soil, nutrient soil, etc., and plants are dense with leaves, such as green dill. This kind of potted plants is easy to breed small black flies, mainlyThe pot soil has been damp for a long time and the ventilation is not good. If you want to fundamentally solve Xiaoheifei, in addition to using a folk remedy, it is best to properly improve the plant's conservation environment and control the humidity, so that it can be done once and for all.
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