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How to remove woodlouse in flowerpot

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The scientific name of the woodlouse in the north is usually under the flowerpot or even indoors. How to remove the woodlouse in the flowerpot? It is actually very simple. It can be killed by spraying with disinfectant and water at a ratio of 1:5Dead woodlouse, other insecticides are also available.

Woodlouse is harmless to people. It mainly feeds on dead leaves, withered grass, green plants, fungus spores, etc. If there is no medicine at home, you can use scotch tape to kill cut a piece of scotch tape about 7 cm and stick it on the corner wallThe small in the middle has large bell mouths on both sides, double bell mouths this is the >> shape, which is convenient for the woodlouses at both ends to enter. When they reach the narrow part in the middle, they will be stuck and can't run, haha!, tideInsects usually walk along the corner of the wall, so you can stick scotch tape on the corner, once the woodlouse appears, it will be stuck.

To completely eliminate woodlouses, keeping the environment dry is the most important thing, generally humid and humus-rich places, such as under wet rocks, rotten wood, tree holes, damp grass and moss, There will be woodlouses under the water tank in the courtyard.

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