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What kind of medicine is used for snail control

2019-06-26 18:00 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
Most flower lovers don’t need to control snails, but for flower lovers with yards or large terraces, snails are still very troublesome during the rainy season. So what kind of medicine is good for snail prevention? The editor recommends flower friends to use SijuAcetaldehyde, but snails eat tetramethylacetaldehyde to be effective, so they will not kill snail eggs. You have to wait for a while and then kill the newly hatched small snails. But it is more difficult for snails to remove the roots and can only be controlled.A certain amount.
Tetraacetaldehyde is a low-toxic pesticide. It has the effect of trapping and contact killing snails and other molluscs. Because this medicine is a small blue particle, it softens with water, has a special fragrance, and has a strong attraction.Therefore, we must pay attention to the safety protection of children and domestic pets. According to its instructions, the safety period on vegetables is 7 days, which means that the efficacy of the medicine will be very low after 7 days.
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