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How can thrips be completely killed

2020-06-02 09:18 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

If there is no thrips, it will be difficult for the flower friends to deal with them. So many flower friends ask what can kill the thrips completely. In addition to finding a medicine for killing thrips, they should also pay attention to the spraying time.Generally speaking, when the sun goes down in the evening, it is useless to fight in the morning. Thrips come out at night and are afraid of strong light. Therefore, spray imidacloprid in the evening the spray will die, but many are hidden in the petals of the flower buds.Front and back of spray rod and leaf.

Physical methods hang yellow boards and rebounds. Hanging boards can kill some of them, but it is still necessary to fight drugs as the main board.

Let's talk about other flower friends' medicines for killing thrips.

The effect of these two medicines has been reported by flower friends, clothworm high chlorofluoride, and Ailushi.

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