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What do the eggs of the black ash butterfly look like picture

2020-05-31 09:20 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

It is said that many flower lovers do not know what it is, but as soon as you describe the symptoms, the flower friends may be able to figure it out. Flower friends also know that the black butterfly is difficult to handle, so they want to find the black butterfly eggsWhat is it like? It just so happened that Ermu’s blog posted a few black butterfly eggs, which I borrowed for your reference!

Let’s talk about this black butterfly again.

The black butterfly is a pair second only to scale insectsSucculentEspecially harmful insects, especially in the summer outbreak period, the symptoms of insect pests areSucculentEven the leaves and branches are all gnawed away. The characteristic of the black ash butterfly is that it likes to commit crimes in groups, which is why a succulent tree will be gnawed away.

Black Grey ButterflyReproductionSuper ability, countless eggs are laid every night, even if the eggs in the same place are removed usually using toothpicks to pick and prick, new ones will appear the next day the eggs cannot be killed by drugs,Can only be removed manually.

Note that the green feces in the picture above are left by the larvae of the black ash butterfly. After hatching, the larvae will go into the leaves and slowly enjoy a big meal until the leaves are gnawed away, and then they will go to the other place for the next meal. So sprayIt's not very useful for medicine, it's all hidden in the leaves.

The hatching of larvae from the egg can be completed within a week, so this time is when they are most vulnerable, you can try to spray some conventional drugs, then if the larva hatches, it will be killed. But the larvae drillIn the leaves, spraying is not easy. When the body size grows to 1cm, the ordinary drugs are almost ineffective. It can only be cleaned by hand.

When the black ash butterfly grows large enough, it will form a cocoon. If it is not found and cleaned up in time, it will soon form a black ash butterfly fighter group and start a new round of incubation.

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