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Oncidium reproduction combined and divided into basins

2019-10-28 10:28 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: King smile

A flower friend asked OnxinlanReproductionThe problem, generally speaking, we can combine the basins, although there are also tissue culturesReproductionMethod, but for ordinary florists, sub-pot propagation is the simplest and most reliable method. Oncidium's flowering period is generally from December to March of the following year. It is recommended to change pots and ramets after flowering, For unflowered plants, you can choose to do it before the growth period. Oncidium is a compound-stemmed cattleya, which will produce offspring after it is mature, and cut off the mother plant when the offspring has pseudobulbs.

We can cut off the fake bulb with 2 buds and plant it directly in a pot of sphagnum moss to maintain a high air humidity and quickly restore sprouts and new roots. The ramets multiply generally after flowering or in springIt is done in autumn, and it is best to combine with changing pots to divide the plants before the sprouts in spring.

Before the new fake bulbs grow independent roots, the old fake bulbs will provide their own nutrition to the new fake bulbs, so the old fake bulbs will slowly deflate, even as thin as a piece of paper. This is a normal phenomenon.Too worried. This situation will continue into autumn. After autumn, the new fake bulbs will be self-sufficient, and the old fake bulbs will begin to slowly get fat back. As long as the leaves are healthy during the period and the new fake bulbs are full, there is nothing to worry about..

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