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How to save flowers after wilting?

2013-03-26 07:49 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Night

In our daily lifeGrowing flowersIn the process, I often find outFlowersI have symptoms such as wilting, how to save it?

Potted flowers, because there is less water in the pot, forget to water, especially in hot summer, leaking water, it is easy to cause leaf wilting, if it is not rescued in time, it will often cause the plant to wither. If it is impossible to save, sometimesIt can also cause plant death.

The correct method is: when the leaves are found to be wilting, immediately move the flowerpot to the shade, spray some water on the leaf surface, and water a small amount. Later, as the stems and leaves gradually recover upright, gradually increase the amount of watering. ThisIf you water too much water all at once, it may cause the plant to die. This is because a large number of root hairs are damaged after the flower wilt, so the water absorption capacity is greatly reduced. Only after new root hairs are born can the original water absorption capacity be restored.

At the same time, wilting causes the cells to lose water. After encountering water, the cell wall first absorbs water and expands rapidly. After the protoplasm absorbs water, the swelling speed is slow. If a large amount of water is poured suddenly at this time, it will cause the separation of the cytoplasm and damage the protoplasm., Thus causing the death of flowers.

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