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What kind of soil is good for pot flowers?

2019-03-15 22:19 Source: Author bath Valley of Flowers: The Dark

Potted plantFlowersBecause its root system can only move in a small soil range, the soil requirements are more than open fieldFlowersMore stringent. On the one hand, the nutrients are required to be as comprehensive as possible, and the limited pot soil contains the nutrients required for the growth of flowers; on the other hand, it requires good physical and chemical properties, that is, the structure should be loose, the water holding capacity should be strong, and the pH should beAppropriate, better to maintain fertility. Because of this,Growing flowersTry to choose a neutral or slightly acidic soil with a good aggregate structure, loose and fertile, good water retention and drainage, and rich in humus. This kind of soil has light weight, large pores, air circulation, and rich nutrients.Conducive to flower root system development and healthy plant growth.

If the flowers are planted in clay soil with poor ventilation and water permeability, or in pure sandy soil that lacks nutrients, water retention and fertility, or in alkaline soil, for most flowers, it willIt is easy to cause growth weakness and even death. But the soil conditions mentioned above are not available in any kind of natural soil.

Therefore, the soil for pot flowers needs to use artificially prepared culture soil. This kind of culture soil is made by mixing more than two kinds of soil or other matrix materials in a ratio according to the different growth habits of flower plants to meet the growth of different flowersNeeds.

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