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How to maintain northern potted jasmine

2018-10-21 08:52 Source: bath Valley of Flowers Author: Wang Fei

NorthConservation of potted jasmineMethod, the preparation of cultivating soil is fertile, loose, and slightly acidic soil with good drainage. Generally, 4 parts of garden soil, 4 parts of compost soil, 2 parts of river sand or grain ash, plus fully decomposed dry cake powder,Suitable amount of chicken and duck manure, etc. You can also make your own cultivation soil, and place garden soil and animal and plant materials such as vegetable leaves, branches and leaves, melon peel, feathers, fish innards, etc. according to the preparation of animal and plant materials layer by layer.In plastic bags or flower pots, add rice-washing water to compact. In this way, after a winter, it can be made into a kind of soil suitable for jasmine cultivation. In order to keep the pot soil slightly acidic, it can be poured 0.2% every 10 days or soFerrous sulfate.

Change pots in a timely manner. After 2 to 3 years of growth of jasmine, the root system is already intertwined in the pot soil, and the physical and chemical properties of the cultivated soil have deteriorated. At this time, if the pot is not replaced, the growth of jasmine will be seriously affected.Jasmine is better before going out of the house. Generally, the roots are not trimmed when changing the basin, and new nutrient soil is replaced, and some bone meal and horseshoe slices are placed on the pelvic floor as base fertilizer. After changing the basin, water thoroughly.

Proper watering. According to the characteristics of jasmine like being moist, afraid of stagnant water, and like breathability, this kind of watering principle should be mastered. From April to May in spring, jasmine is spreading its leaves, the temperature is not high, and the water consumption is not large., Can be watered once every 2 days to 3 days, watering around noon, to see dry and wet, watering must be watered. May to June is the spring flowering period, watering slightly more than the previous period. June to August is the summer dayThe temperature is the highest, and it is also the blooming season of jasmine. The sunshine is strong and requires a lot of water. It can be watered in the morning and evening. In drought, water should be sprayed on the leaves and the ground around the pot. From September to October, it can be watered in 1 to 2 daysWater once, the amount of watering must be strictly controlled in winter, otherwise the humidity of the pot soil is too high and the temperature is too low, which is not good for jasmine overwintering. As far as the principle of watering during the growth period, do not dry or water, and wait until the pot soil is dry to grayish whiteGive it through.

Appropriate fertilization of jasmine is like fertilizer, especially for long flowering period. More fertilizer is needed. Households can use kitchen scraps to make liquid fertilizer. Such as fish offal, rice water, bean cake, and black alum ferrous sulfate are added to the water tank.It can be used when exposed to the sun for about 20 days. The fertilizer water formulated in this way can not only meet the needs of jasmine for fertilizer and water, but also change the pH of the soil. The principle of applying thin fertilizers should be mastered when applying fertilizers.

Fertilization should be light after leaving the house, and the fertilizer should be applied once a week, and the ratio of fertilizer to water is 1:5. Fertilization for pregnancy buds and post-flowering, the ratio of fertilizer to water should be 1:1. Fertilizers should be applied every 4 days when the blooming period is high.Secondly, you might as well get a lot of water, usually water in the morning and evening, and then dissolve the water the next day. This is good for the absorption of jasmine roots. It should be applied less or stopped before the frost to increase the maturity of the branches to facilitate the winter.It can be flexibly controlled. Generally in the evening, it is better to use a small shovel to loosen the pot soil before applying. Be careful not to fertilize the pot soil when it is too dry or too wet. The best effect is when the pot soil is dry and not dry.Jasmine only grows branches and leaves but does not bloom, which is mainly caused by excessive nitrogen fertilizer and insufficient sunlight. For example, applying more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, according to the light-loving habit, letting more sun, generally not difficult for pregnancy buds to bloom.

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