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Domestic jasmine needs Siqin

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JasmineThe flowering period is very long throughout the summer, autumn and even early winter, and the house is always filledJasmineThe faint fragrance. Some people think that the fragrance of jasmine is difficult to maintain. In fact, jasmine is not difficult to treat. The key is to pay attention to the following points:

One is the need for sufficient light. Jasmine is a strong positive plant and likes strong light. Generally speaking, except for windy days, it must be placed in a sunny place. Enough light can make its branches and leaves strong, with many flowers and fragranceThick. Without light, the leaves are dry and wrinkled and yellow.

The second is to water frequently. Jasmine likes a warm and humid environment, and the soil should be watered as soon as the soil is dry. In summer, it is hot, in addition to watering once a day, it is best to spray more in the morning, noon, and afternoon.If the amount of watering is too small, the leaf edges will become dry, the leaves will become hard and the branches will still be green. The correct watering should be done once when the pot soil is slightly dry to keep the pot soil moist. In winter, The amount of watering should not be too large, otherwise the roots will rot, causing the leaves to turn yellow and fall off, and the plants will die.

The third is to apply fertilizer frequently, jasmine likes big fertilizer. From May to September during the growth and flowering period, liquid fertilizer should be applied once a week. Fermented soybean cake water, first-time rice water, fish washing water, etc. can be used as top dressing.Use commercially available slow-acting flower fertilizers, special fertilizers for ornamental plants, etc., which are long-lasting and safe, and the pot soil is loose and difficult to compact.

Fourth is pruning frequently. The flower proverb says: "Jasmine is not pruned, the branches are weak and the flowers are less obvious." If you are not willing to cut off some branches, it will always grow taller and thinner. In this way, it absorbsThe nutrient is only used to grow tall, and the flower buds cannot be bloomed. Therefore, after the flower fades, pay attention to pruning the branches in time, and the pruned branches will grow a new branch on each side of the leaf axils. The new branches grow toAt a certain height, buds will grow at the top and flowers will bloom. The cycle repeats until the early winter, when the temperature is too low and the light time is too short, the opening will stop. "The wind comes with green branches and the wind fills the room with fragrance."Jasmine is not only intoxicating fragrance, but also the main raw material for smoked jasmine tea

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