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The use of aspirin in floriculture

2010-04-17 16:10 Source: bath Valley of Flowers Author: Wang Fei

Aspirin, also known as acetylsalicylic acid, can be decomposed into salicylic acid and acetic acid in water. Salicylic acid has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Acetic acid can inhibit the biological activity of glycolate oxidase, improve the photosynthesis of flowers and trees, and increasePhotosynthesis.

Aspirin is inFlowersThe cultivated species have the following uses:

1. Improve survival rate: soak the roots of bare-rooted flowers and trees with 400-500 mg/kg aspirin solution for 1-2 hours, take them out and dry for 8-10 minutes, and plant them immediately to increase the survival rate. In flower seedlings and tree stumpsBonsaiWhen transplanting, use 30-50 mg/kg aspirin solution to irrigate the root system, and the survival rate can be more than 95%. For flower cuttings hardwood cuttings, softwood cuttings, leaf cuttings, root cuttings, etc., use 80 mg/Watering or leaf spraying with kilograms of aspirin solution can prevent the infection of incisions from rot and promote the formation of wounded tissue in advance of the seedlings, and increase the survival rate.

2. Promote healthy growth: During the growth and development of flowers and trees, use 300-500 mg/kg of aspirin solution to irrigate the roots once every 7-15 days, which can promote the growth of healthy branches and leaves, thick leaves and enlarged fruits.The flowers are gorgeous, enhancing the ornamental nature.

3. Improve stress resistance: spraying the stems, branches and leaves of flowers and trees with 500 mg/kg aspirin solution can reduce the transpiration of water in the plant and improve the ability of flowers and trees to resist arid environment. Combined with watering, watering or spraying aspirin 1 kg1 piece dissolved in water, which can promote the closure of leaf stomata, reduce the transpiration loss of leaf water, reduce high temperature burns, and improve the drought and cold resistance of flowers and trees.

4. Extend the life of flower arrangement: Aspirin can close the leaf stomata and prevent the wound from producing jasmonic acid. Using 0.03% aspirin solution for flower arrangement can delay the wilting time of flowers and extend the freshness time of flowers by 7-10 days.

5. Increasing the survival rate of stumps: Treating stump bonsai with aspirin can make the stumps germinate in advance, increase the survival rate, and shorten the raising time. The method is: excavate the stumps during the dormant stage of the plant, and minimize the wound surface during excavation, and retain more fibrous rootsAt the same time, remove diseased roots, dead branches, and waste branches. Use a saw to flatten the wounds with thicker roots, and cut thin branches with fruit branch shears. Soak them in about 5% aspirin solution for 3-5 hours. Use river sand for basin soil, Garden soil and wood chips are prepared in a ratio of 4:5:1. After potting, the soil is solidified, and 5% aspirin solution is used as a fixed root water for irrigation, and finally placed in the shade.

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