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How to make hummus?

2010-03-23 ​​11:32 Source: Author bath Valley of Flowers: The Dark

Leaf mulch is a commonly used material for cultivating potted flowers. Where conditions permit. You can dig directly under the mountain forest to dig the mulch after years of weathering. You can also make your own mulch, the method is: collect broad leaves in autumnOr coniferous tree leaves, weeds, etc., piled into a rectangular pit. When stacking, put a layer of leaves, and then a layer of garden soil, after repeated stacking several layers, then water a small amount of sewage, and finally cover the top with a layerAbout 10 cm thick garden soil and other objects. Open each in late spring and midsummer next year, turn and mash the accumulated objects, and pile them up as they are.

Making mulch

In warm climate areas, most of these deposits can be decomposed in late autumn. At this time, they can be dug out, further crushed, sieved and used.

Two points should be paid attention to when compiling: one is not to press too tightly to facilitate the penetration of air, create conditions for the activity of aerobic bacteria, and accelerate the decomposition of the accumulation.

The second is not to make the deposits too wet. If it is too wet, the ventilation will not be good. Under hypoxic conditions, there will be a lot of anaerobic bacteriaReproductionAnd activities, resulting in serious loss of nutrients, affecting the quality of leaf mulch.

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