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What are the commonly used cutting methods

2019-01-13 22:35 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Night

CuttingReproductionCurrentlyFlowersA commonly used in cultivationReproductionMethod. It is a method of cutting a part of the roots, branches, buds, leaves, etc. of flowers and trees, inserting them into the substrate, making them root and germinate, and form new plants. This method is based on variousFlowersDetermined by the regeneration ability of each organ of the plant. According to different cutting materials, it can be divided into the following 3 methods:

1 Branch cutting. Also known as stem cutting. It is a widely used and mass propagation method of seedlings. It is divided into hard branch cuttings, soft branch cuttings and single bud cuttings.

2 Root insertion. Divided into root insertion method, straight insertion method, etc.

3 Leaf inserting. It is divided into straight inserting method, flat method, etc. In addition, there are water inserting method, etc.

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