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Is the color cactus real, teach you to distinguish

2019-08-31 22:33 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

The MM in the office used to buy some colorful cactus, which looked good, but this MM raised a question, is the colorful cactus real? In order to help everyone uncover the doubt, let’s see how to judge the color of the cactus.

Fake colorful cactus

The colorful cactus in the picture above is fake and painted, because there is no such cactus in nature. If you are careful, you can carefully observe the performance of this kind of cactus and you should be able to see the obvious spray paint.And the spray may not be very uniform, we can obviously feel the color of only the surface layer.

Because the surface of this kind of cactus is painted, its skin cannot breathe, and the painted part will gradually turn yellow.

The real cactus is generally like this.

Grafted colorful cactus

This kind of cactus balls are real. They are usually grafted to the king's whip with small balls of red peony, rouge peony, green peony, etc.

The two types of cactus balls, no matter which they are, are actually not conducive to long-term planting. Some people will find that after a period of time, they are either rotten or rotten. The grafted rootstock has no roots at the bottom, and the dyed can not breathe, so,If you really want toGrowing flowers, I still grow natural colors in a down-to-earth manner, and there are generally no lazy plants that are too gorgeous.

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