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Cultivation technology of Chinese wolfberry

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Vegetable wolfberry is also known as wolfberry head, wolfberry fruit, dog ground sprouts, ground bone skin, etc., with its tender stems young shoots for eating, cold dressing, fried food, and can also be used as soup or hot pot ingredients. Cultivation technologyThe main points are as follows:

1. Cutting seedlings: vegetable medlar generally cannot bloom and set seeds due to continuous harvesting of young shoots, so cuttings are often usedReproduction.

①Cutting time: cutting seedlings in open fields or protected areas from August to September.

②Selection and treatment of cuttings: Choose disease-free, healthy-growing plants, take 1-year-old branches with a diameter of 0.5-0.8 cm and full buds, remove the young part of the top of the branch, and move upward from the base endCut every 8-10 centimeters into a small section as cutting strips, each section of cutting strips are guaranteed to have 3 to 5 bud eyes. Each 50 cuttings are tied into a bundle, and soaked in a solution of 50 mg ABT rooting powder in 1 kg of water 24After hours, cuttings can be carried out. The processed cuttings not only have a high survival rate, but also root early, with many and long roots. Article from: http://www.flower-fans.com/

③Cutting method: cutting in the open field, choose a plot with high dryness and good drainage; cutting in a greenhouse, choose a plot in the middle and rear. After soil preparation, make a 15-20 cm deep bed, level the bed surface, and lay it onAbout 10 cm thick clean sieved river sand or perlite is used as the cutting substrate. Insert the cuttings into the substrate at a density of 2-3 cm square. Note that the axillary buds of the cuttings are upward and cannot be inserted upside down. The insertion depth is 5-7 cm.. After inserting, pour water once, insert a small arch on the border surface, cover with sunshade nets and plastic film, to cool down, moisturize or keep warm and dehumidify.

2. Planting and management:

①Site preparation and fertilization: During soil preparation, apply 3,000-5,000 kilograms of decomposed high-quality organic fertilizer and 50 kilograms of ternary compound fertilizer per 667 square meters combined with deep turning. After leveling, make a 1.5-meter-wide flat head, ditch or dig holesColonization.

②Cultivation: New roots and new shoots will start to appear about 10 days after cutting, and transplantation can be done within 20-25 days. The depth of planting is 6-7 cm, and the distance between rows is 15-20 cm.

③Fertilizer and water management: water immediately after planting, cultivating after 2-3 days to promote slower seedlings and accelerate growth. The temperature of the greenhouse should be kept between 15-25℃. Watering properly, keep the soil moist..The root system of cutting propagation of wolfberry is shallow, and the absorption capacity is weak. Do not flood it with flooding. Combined with watering and topdressing nitrogen fertilizer, 15 kg of ammonium sulfate or 10-12.5 kg of urea per 667 square meters can be sprayed with 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate foliageFertilizer, promote the growth of leaves. Every time you pick, you should combine watering and timely topdressing, as well as cultivating and weeding.

3.Pests and diseasesPrevention:

The main diseases of Lycium barbarum used in protected areas are powdery mildew. The main pests are Lycium barbarum psyllids, Lycium barbarum gall mites, Lycium barbarum aphids, whitefly, etc. The control should be based on prevention and try not to use pesticides during harvesting.When cutting cuttings, choose a strong and disease-free mother plant; before planting, use dichlorvos or chlorothalonil smoke agent to fumigate and disinfect the greenhouse; before germination and after leaf development, targeted spraying treatment, 0.5 waves can be sprayedMido's lime sulfur mixture prevents powdery mildew and wolfberry gall mites, sprays 50% dimethoate 500 times to control psyllids and aphids, and sprays 20% dicofol EC 1000 times to control mites.

4. Picking:

The new shoots of wolfberry are formed 15 days after planting, and the new shoots can grow to 20-30 cm after 50-60 days, and the young shoots of 10-15 cm long can be picked at any time. Vegetables use wolfberry cuttings once and picking multiple times, 4-5 crops can be picked in succession in late May of the following year.

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