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Precautions before rooting hydroponic rich bamboo

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In this article, we will talk about the precautions before the rooting of the hydroponic rich bamboo. For many flower lovers, it will not be practical without rooting, so I want to know the precautions of the maintenance process, which is not too complicated.

1. When hydroponics rich bamboo, the rich bamboo must be handled well, the branches should be fresh, there should be no too many leaves at the bottom, and the bottom of the branches should be cut 45° with a sharp knife.

2. Put clean water in the vase, and the water level should not be too high such as the first piece of soil, the water level is a bit high, the water level is high, it is easy to appear on the branches and the roots are not very beautiful, and the poles are easy to rot, about 5-10 cm is enough, no need to install a vase slowly.

3. After placing the rich bamboos, place them in an admiring position. Usually, you can add water if there is less water, but don’t see if they take root and shake the rich bamboos. Normally, the rich bamboos take about 40 days.Take root, so we just have to wait patiently.

Before the fortune bamboo takes root, we may find that the leaves on the bottom of the fortune bamboo will turn yellow. This is normal. You can leave it alone until the yellow is severely broken off.

In addition, if the rich bamboo has not taken root for more than a month, you can clean the bottom of the branches again at this time, and then cut diagonally again, and continue hydroponics with clean water.

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