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Summary of method knowledge of hydroponic carrot

2018-12-26 22:02 Source: flower-fans of: lemon orange
As long as you are willing, there are many materials that can be made into small potted plants. Today we will talk about the method of hydroponic carrots and the doubts that may be encountered during the whole process. By the way, let’s talk about hydroponic cabbage.
The method of hydroponic carrots is very simple. We choose healthy carrots and cut them flat about 3 cm from the top. Just put the cut carrot heads in water, and the water level should not exceed the topThe location. Basically, germinate and grow leaves in 2-3 days. It is best not to bask in the sun during the hydroponic process.
Whether the hydroponic carrots look good or not, the important thing is the utensils. With good-looking utensils, the appreciation of hydroponic carrots can be improved to a higher level.
Let’s talk about some problems encountered in hydroponic carrots.

Why hydroponic carrots always rotten

Hydroponic carrots rot. This is actually unavoidable. It’s just the length of time. We should clean the hydroponic utensils, and then put the washed carrots in the utensils with clean water. Remember to keep the water level of the utensils.More than the sprout point of carrots. Also, don’t bask in the sun, hydroponic plants, the most taboo is to bask in the sun, because the water temperature rises, the water will easily breed bacteria, then the rot will accelerate.

Do hydroponic carrots grow radishes?

This problem is more prominent. Hydroponic carrots cannot produce radishes. The carrots we eat are actually rhizomes, while our hydroponic carrots are actually roots. Even if they take root, they are just rooting.Produce a carrot. Even if it is planted in the ground, it will not regenerate carrots, because carrots are two-year-old herbs. After the rhizomes have grown, the rhizomes are planted. Although it will grow leaves, the final result is flowering and seeds.Will not continue to pick up carrots.
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