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Can monstera be hydroponic

2019-08-25 23:23 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Many florists like hydroponic plants, theoretically all plants can be hydroponic, so florists askedMonsteraCan it be hydroponic? The answer is clear, and there are flower friends who have used hydroponics, but hydroponicsMonsteraThere is a certain drawback, that is, monstera grows faster, and the nutrient in the hydroponic bottle is less. This will cause a problem. The leaves of monstera are getting smaller and smaller, and the leaves are not easy to open back.

So, if we want to hydroponic monstera for a long time, we need to prepare a bottle of nutrient solution, because it is very important for monstera.

The essentials of monstera hydroponic culture

First of all, when we are hydroponics, the water level in the hydroponic bottle should not be too high, just go to the root plate. After the roots take place in the later period, the water level can be lowered by about 2 cm, so that the roots can breathe. HydroponicsThe hydroponic bottle should not be exposed to the sun. If you want to bask the monstera in the sun, you can wrap the hydroponic bottle with newspaper. If the light is too strong, the hydroponic bottle will grow green algae, which is unsightly.

According to the selected hydroponic bottle, find something to fix the monstera, do not let it easily shake, change the water once a week, you can grow the hydroponic monstera.

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