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Watercress green soil culture becomes hydroponic

2019-08-14 19:20 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original

In theory, all plants can be hydroponic, and Douban Green is no exception. However, the editor has different suggestions for changing Douban Green Soil into hydroponic cultivation. Under normal circumstances, we hope that the whole plant can be transformed, but it is not necessarysuch.

The original root system of Doubanlv is not suitable for hydroponic growth, so if we change the whole plant to water, it may be counterproductive. The easiest way is hydroponic alone.

We select the appropriate branches and cut them from the bottom, and then they can be inserted into the hydroponic bottle. Generally, they can take root in about a week. The water in the hydroponic bottle should not be full. Leave 3-5 cm without water.Position, so pay attention to root breathing.

Hydroponic watercress green does not grow too slowly, we should pay attention to the daily hydroponic process, one is not to put it in the sun, so it is easy to grow sphagnum moss, and the other is to change the water every weekThe purpose of changing the water for hydroponic plants is to maintain the oxygen content in the water. The roots of plants also need to breathe, and the fresh water contains some trace elements, which help the growth of Douban.

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