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Can hydroponic garlic heads be harvested several times in winter

2018-12-29 13:35 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: Lemon orange
Hydroponic cabbage head, garlic and even onions, etc., are about to become a tradition for many families. Flower friends asked if hydroponic garlic head is possible in winter? I just got the idea, the answer is that most areasYes. Garlic is more cold-resistant. In the north of the Yangtze River, a plate of garlic is hydroponics in winter, and there is a little pressure, but that said, if you want garlic to grow well, the temperature is better.
Generally, hydroponic garlic will not freeze to death even if the water has a thin layer of ice for a short period of time, but like in Northeast China, it is definitely impossible to freeze the bottle directly into ice lump. Therefore, as long as the temperature is above 0℃, Hydroponic garlic is all right.
Let’s talk about some other hydroponic garlic problems below.

Do you want to peel hydroponic garlic?

There is actually no standard answer to this, because the editor has seen peeled hydroponic garlic that has not been peeled, so both can be done, depending on personal preference. If you choose to peel, you must be careful not to peel off the root plate, becauseThat's the key to rooting, which is the little bump at the bottom of the garlic clove.

Does the hydroponic garlic head need to change the water?

Let’s proceed from reality. Under normal circumstances, we’d better change the water once every 4 days. If we can smell the garlic, we can change the water every 2-3 days. However, the editor has also seen people who do not change the water.It is not impossible to replenish water directly after evaporation. The plants are alive and the method should be alive. Therefore, if you are diligent, change the water once every three or five days. It doesn't matter if you don't change the water occasionally.

How many times can hydroponic garlic heads be harvested

If you wait for it to grow fully before harvesting a single plant has more than 5 leaves, you can usually harvest two crops; if you wait for a single plant to grow to 2 or 3 leaves, then harvest 6 or 7 crops in the whole process, Is also very possible. When harvesting, just like cutting leek, leave a stubble of 2 or 3 cm for harvest, that is, leave the stubble for harvest. This method can be harvested in the future.
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