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How long can the rich and honorable bamboo be kept in water, how long can it live in water

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I have to say that rich bamboo is definitely an old-fashioned ornamental plant, whether it is a large potted plant, a small potted plant of various shapes, and a rich bamboo grown in water, today we will talk about the rich bamboo other than the maintenance methods that flower lovers care aboutHow long can it be kept and how long can it be kept in water.

Fortune bamboo is a perennial plant, so in theory, fortune bamboo can live for a long, long time. We don’t know the longest life, but flower lovers can understand it as several years, ten years, or even longer. But we need to learn from realityFrom a point of view, it cannot be based solely on plant lifespan!

For example, the rich bamboo of this flower friend is said to have been raised for 10 years

Under normal circumstances, because rich bamboo is a southern plant, although rich bamboo can feed in most areas, most of them are in bad condition, and most of them are in a relatively thin state, and with the longer the raising time,The leaves at the bottom of it will fall, and the branches will grow with chasing light not the beautiful shape when you first bought it.

Like this pot of rich bamboo, the branches on the top are thin and weak, and they don’t look like they were just beginning

The big potted plants, the company had a few pots in the past, about 3 years or so, the shape was unreadable, and later threw it away. For the rich bamboo grown in water, the reason why it just looks good at first,It’s because the branches we bought are freshly cut, with full branches and dense leaves, but after one and a half years of cultivation, you will find that the individual branches are lost, and there are only a few rich bamboos in the hydroponic bottle, and the leaves are alsoIt’s awkward, and I don’t feel like I just bought it.

There is also a kind of rich bamboo made of many rich bamboo branchesBonsai, this kind of rich bamboo, bought back, most of them have problems in about half a year, the long ones are generally less than a year, and they basically hang up, regardless of the rotten root or the reason, in the hands of the flower friendsThere are very few that can last a few years.

This kind of patchwork of rich and precious bamboo potted plants will become more and more serious once one root fails

To sum up, there is nothing wrong with rich bamboo perennials. If you maintain it properly and don't care about the shape, you can grow it for a long time, but if you have a special-shaped potted rich bamboo, you should be psychologically prepared!

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