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Can rose ash be used for rose

2019-10-13 21:53 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Chinese roseEveryone knows about Hifei, and everyone knows that plant ash is used as a phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, but some flower friends don't know itChinese roseCan you use plant ash? There are even some sayings that the rose has been used for plant ash and died, so here we come to talk to flower friends about plant ash and rose. Rose likes acidic soil, while plant ash is alkaline, The two seem to be contradictory, but in fact they need to be applied properly, there will not be much problem.

First of all, the application amount of plant ash must be controlled. Generally speaking, the application amount of plant ash should account for about 5% of the pot soil. Don’t say that the plant ash is organic fertilizer, and it’s not right.of.

In addition, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the plant ash are soluble, so if it is sprinkled on the surface of the flower pot, pay attention to watering it thoroughly so that the fertilizer can enter the soil and be absorbed by the rose.

If it is a rose planted in the ground, it can be fertilized with plant ash combined with watering. The soil of the planted rose has strong digestibility, so the amount can be generous. As long as the amount of plant ash used for the rose is not large, there will be no fat damageFlower friends can rest assured. When using plant ash, it is best to add water to set it on fire, avoid the roots, not too much, and use it on the soil surface.

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