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Does the Fujimoto rose fall in winter?

2019-10-08 22:25 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

It's late autumn and winter is not far away, a flower friend asked FujimotoChinese roseDoes the leaves fall in winter, FujimotoChinese roseIt is a deciduous plant, that is to say, when the temperature drops, the vine rose will shed its leaves. This is the same as other shrub roses. Like southern regions, such as Hainan, the vine rose will not shed leaves., But this is not a good phenomenon, because roses need to be dormant in winter, so that they can bloom well in the coming year, so it is not easy to plant roses in Hainan. Many roses are not easy to bloom or bloom less.

In the management method of vine roses and shrub roses, the biggest difference is pruning. Shrub roses are sometimes re-cut, while vine roses are not needed. Generally speaking, vine roses still have the habit of blooming with new branches. So we must break the top advantage, Otherwise, just a few buds at the top of the branches will germinate into branches, and a few flowers will be sparsely opened, which will not show the magnificence of the vine, because for winter vines, cut off the top of the main branch about 10 cm or 20 cmThe side branches of the flowers retain three left and right bud points, and the bases are too thin and short branches are removed. Close to the wall or fence, use a peacock-like way to expand, and make the branches as tilted or level as possible;

The flowers of the style are hovering around, tying and winding around, just cut off the branches beyond the scope of the style;

For an arch, the branches are tied up along the shape of the arch, or circling up, or the thick branches are circling along the shape of the arch, and the finer branches are circling. Similarly, just cut off the branches that exceed the arch. First.Horizontally elongated branches, and then use short branches to fill in the relatively empty places. For large-flowered varieties, the distance between the branches can be a palm length, and the middle-flowered varieties can be a fist distance.


1. Apply fertilizer when the flower is dead. It is called gift fertilizer in Japan, which means to thank the flower and help it grow again.

2. Flowering fertilizer can be applied during the bud growing period to help flower buds grow up.

3, base fertilizer, when changing pots every winter, you should give enough, black chicken fertilizer, bone meal, plant ash, slow-release fertilizer, depending on what you have.

4. Rose likes big water and big fat. This statement is never wrong. Don’t be drought, otherwise red spiders will break out. If the rose is wilted for several days, you must water thoroughly and spray the back of the leaves to prevent red spiders..If you want to flourish, you must give fertilizer, but the result of flourishing is that the amount of issuance is large, and more water is needed.

5. No fertilization during the flowering period, this flowering period is relative. The rose flowering period refers to a large-scale blooming state where dozens or hundreds of buds are produced at one time. That is only for professional florists to pruning hard.Status. If you don’t do pruning and bloom continuously, and a few flowers are scattered, which is not a strict flowering period, fertilization has little effect.

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