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Detailed explanation of petunia dwarf planting methods

2013-09-09 22:27 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: flower bath person

Morning glory and petunia are plants of two different families. Morning glory, Convolvulaceae, Morning glory. Annual climbingFlowers. Petunia, Solanaceae, Petunia. Perennial herb.

1. Sowing: Because the seeds of petunia are fine, sowing does not need to cover soil. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of fine soil, spray water not directly water, so as not to wash the seeds into the deep soil so that they can germinate.The most suitable temperature for seed germination is 15-20 degrees. The temperature is lower than 10 degrees. Generally, the germination will not be possible. The lack of sunlight in the room will also affect the germination. The temperature is too low and it is difficult to germinate or grow slowly after germination. The temperature is too high and it will easily rot.

In southern Guangdong, it can be planted throughout the year. I plant it once every 2-3 months, because this will keep the flowers blooming throughout the year. Even if the senescent plants are still blooming, I still "humane destruction". To maintain the ornamental nature of the balcony potted flowers. The substrate I used for sowing and planting is a commercially available culture soil mixed with sandy soil 1:1. Use spray water to keep the soil moist, but not too wet, otherwiseSeeds cannot germinate in the deep layer. Depending on the weather and temperature, they can germinate 5-10 days after sowing the seeds.

2. The seedlings can be transplanted to large pots when they have 4-5 true leaves. Use 20cm diameter flower pots, one plant per pot. Large pots are also made of the above soil, but with granular organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.Basal fertilizer. Don’t bask in the sun for the first few days after transplanting, put it in a ventilated and shaded place. After a few days, the seedlings will grow new leaves. Under the right temperature 15-25 degrees, they can grow big in one month..

3. The seedlings of petunia are very weak. The water should not be too wet, or it will be easy to rot, especially in the case of too cold or too hot. Petunia likes to be dry and afraid of humidity. During the growth process, sufficientWater, but do not water too much. Do not water too much in the seedling stage to make the root system developed. This way the branch of the plant will be very strong.

4. In the early stage of planting, add enough base fertilizer to the soil. In the seedling stage, too much water used to cause rotten roots. After the plants were pulled up, the root system was found to be very underdeveloped. It is good to adopt the method of Ninggan without waterlogging.

5. At this time, you can apply thin nitrogen fertilizer. I usually use compound foliar fertilizer and urea to dilute and spray the foliar. The base fertilizer I use is organic fertilizer produced in Shenzhen, containing chicken feces, bone meal, and okaraEtc. Each pot uses about 20-30 grams estimated. I seldom use inorganic mixed fertilizers. The yellowing of the leaves is due to lack of fertilizer. A thin nitrogen fertilizer urea, etc. should be applied, preferably spraying on the leaves

6. When the stamens appear, do not apply nitrogen fertilizer. Use potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to spray the leaves. This way the plants will not grow too long and there will be more stamens. After the petunia blooms, every 7-10Spray a mixture of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and organic amino acid liquid fertilizer on the surface of the sky leaf. It is found that it has a significant effect on prolonging the flowering period and increasing the vividness of the flowers. You can try. If the concentration of the liquid is not too high, even if it is sprayed on the flowersNo effect. The concentration of my spray is less than 0.1%, and no effect is found on the flowers.

7. About topping. As long as the application of moisture and fertilizer is well controlled during the seedling stage, the plant will branch naturally and without topping. The petunia I grow does not have topping. If the plant grows unevenly such as a branchIt grows very fast, other branches grow slowly, and you can also control and adjust the plant type by topping.

Source of the article: http://www.flower-fans.com/

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