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The cultivation method of purple root orchid

2017-09-10 22:24 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Purple root orchid is a perennial bulbous herb of the Amaryllidaceae family. It loves warm and humid climate, and the suitable temperature for growth is 18-25 ℃. Avoid extreme heat and strong sunlight. It should be maintained under a shade shed.Fear of waterlogging.In winter dormancy period, cold climate is required, 10-12℃ is suitable, not lower than 5℃.His humus-rich sandy loam soil with good drainage. Compared to other flowers and plants, purple root orchid is very delicate, this is the requirementGrowing flowersIt is a big challenge.

In addition, purple root orchids are commonly used to branch and sowReproduction. BranchesReproductionIt is carried out when the pot is changed from February to March, and the top of the bulb is slightly exposed to the soil surface when planting. Sowing propagation is carried out in indoor pot sowing from June to July, and germination is 20 days after sowing. It takes 3-4 years from sowing to flowering.

Purple root orchid bulb is hypertrophy, nearly spherical, diameter 5-7cm, outer skin is light green or yellowish brown. The two sides of the leaves are opposite, band-shaped, apex is acuminate, 6-8 pieces, more leaves than flowers. The total pedicel is hollow., Is white powder, with 2 to 4 flowers on the top, trumpet-shaped flowers, blooming from winter to spring, or even later. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River can survive the winter safely in open fields. The growth environment requires cool summer and warm winter. The soil needs to be rich in organic matter.Sandy loam. It likes the sun, but the light should not be too strong. It likes moistness, but it is afraid of flooding.

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