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Introduction to the characteristics of Mayor Red Orchid picture

2019-12-06 22:29 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

OrchidThere are many varieties, there are flower friends who want to see the mayor redOrchidIntroduction to the features, the editor compiled an article, hoping to be helpful to Lanyou. Mayor Red is a famous product in Jianlan safflower. Although it used to be more expensive, the price is not expensive now, about 30-You can buy it for 50 yuan.

The Mayor Red Orchid has good resistance to stress, it is a kind of Jianlan, it is easy to maintain and easy to survive. The Mayor Red Orchid blooms in summer and autumn, and the flowering period is about one month.The length is 15-35 cm, the leaf width is 1-1.5 cm, the new buds are bright red, and they will naturally turn to their natural color after the plant is mature. The flowers bloom with bright red flowers, the color is stable, the mayor red or the flower leaf double art: the new seedling goose yellow, very eye-catching.

Jianlan Mayor Red Bud period to appreciate new buds, when blooming, enjoy the flowers and smell the fragrance, the flower color is peach red, very cute, the flowers are regular, the flower guard is very good, the fragrance is strong, and the potting effect is very atmospheric.
Mayor Red is impeccable in terms of flower type, flower color, flower guard, and flower volume. The fragrance is even more scented when a single flower blooms.

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