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How to raise orchids land farmer experience

2014-09-26 07:49 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Zither son Vivi

ForOrchidHow to raise, generally new beginning flower friends often ask back, it happens that some flower friends often have the opportunity to contact some raisesOrchidLannong, so I often cheekily ask others about their experience in raising orchids. They are more shameless and have a good heart. In short, every time I see the amiable grandfather Lannong, he returns with a full load. Wow, what a talk..., I feel it’s impossible to bully the old man. I tried these experiences on my own when I went home, and it turned out to be very useful, so I also shared them with you:

1. It is not difficult at all to grow orchids without rotten roots. Don't make so many fancy plants.

When I was a rookie growing orchids, I had a big headache about what plant materials to change pots. I read a lot of books, read a lot of forums, and even collected a series of so-called plant materials, various mixtures,All kinds of mixing...but in the end, no matter what proportion or formula, the orchid roots should be bad. In the end, the water is not watered or not watered. Once I visited a friend in the orchid business, he took me thereWhen I met a Lannong, I took the opportunity and stalked and beaten into someone’s Lanfang, in fact, just to see what they masters use as planting materials?! As a result, I saw his Lanfang with an area larger than a large warehouse.In, all orchids are used and only one planting material is used, and I am messy-bark, he only uses bark.

After returning home, I took out all the dying orchids at home, emptied the plant material, put a layer of stone on the bottom of the pot, and planted it with a large piece of bark. After a week, it was green againNew and tender roots emerged. From this time on, I became confident in orchids. Later, when I tried the ramets, I disinfected the new plants and wrapped them with a little sphagnum moss, and then tied them to the wood.Go up, put it in the shaded orchid shed, the long one, wailing.

Grandpa Lannong said why not use so many fancy plant materials. Because we rookies are very afraid of orchids not having enough water, so we water them fiercely, but in fact, orchids are more dry than dry, and we are more afraid of excessive humidity. Although peopleEveryone knows that orchids are neither dry nor watered, but for novices, what is dry? It must be difficult to master without a few years of experience, because it is impossible to peel off the plant material every time you water to see if it is dry.The plant material is dried from the outside to the inside. Many times when we see that the outer plant material is not dry, the plant material in the center is still damp, especially the plant material with sphagnum moss.Watering, the roots inside are not bad.

So, to learn from Grandpa honestly, use bark.

2. Orchids do not bloom, most of them have nothing to do with fat.

After growing orchids for the past few years, the most strenuous part is the Phalaenopsis. It was a difficult problem at first, but after conquering them one by one, the challenge disappeared. So now there are no orchids in the home collection of Phalaenopsis. Many people are sureLike me, the first contact with orchids started with phalaenopsis, and I certainly felt that phalaenopsis is not easy to grow, because it does not always bloom. A kind of thinking inertia is that if the plant does not bloom, it isBecause the fertilizer is not enough. Then there are various kinds of fertilization, and then all kinds of burning roots, yellow leaves, and plant death. In fact, orchids are not a plant that needs a lot of fertilizer. Think about their original state, on the rocks, on the branchesThere are very few orchids growing on the ground. Where do they get so much fertilizer? In fact, one of the most important factors that determine whether orchids are pumping pedicels is the temperature difference. The climate in tropical rain forests is sultry and rainy, and the temperature difference between night and day is large, which promotes orchids.The reason for the peduncles.

It’s also very particular about fertilizing orchids. To be honest, I have never seen orchid farmers here fertilize orchids. Their fertilizer is mixed with water and sprayed regularly in the orchid room.Apply the thin fertilizer frequently. It is best to do this when fertilizing at home. Mix the compound fertilizer sprayed on the leaves with water and dilute it as much as possible. Don’t be afraid of too thin, thin fertilizer, and not thick. Then spray on the leaves.Let the orchid absorb it on the surface. It’s best to do it in the early morning or dusk. Don’t water the plants before fertilizing at noon when the sun is strong. You can fertilize the plants when the plants are not dripping. Do not pour in the fertilizer that is not used up.It should be discarded in the pot to avoid burning the roots.

3. If you want the orchid to grow well, you can't wait to see it too much.

I understand that many orchid lovers love their beloved orchid, and I love it so much that at the beginning, I could not put it down for a while to touch the leaves, and for a while to look at the flowers, I wish I could carry it with me.The phalaenopsis I loved didn’t bloom for three years after being frightened by me. Finally, it was not spoiled anymore. I put it in the corner of the orchid room and was almost forgotten. Suddenly one day when I walked into the orchid room, a peduncle was pulled out from the orchid heart.That stoutness must be a bunch of amazing flowers, and the result is as expected. Therefore, I would like to advise fans of Ailan to do so, don’t move orchids. Although orchids do not require high environmental requirements, they are very concerned with environmental changes.Extremely sensitive, a little change can make them nervous. As long as the orchid is scared, it is likely to refuse to bloom. You think, even if you let a person fill the world every day, people can't bear it.

4. Do you want an orchid house or an orchid shed?

When I first started growing orchids, I didn’t know how to create a good environment for orchids. I often hung them under the trees in the garden. As a result, the sun shifted westward, and some orchids were always dried in the sun. I finally spent a lot of money and got it.An orchid house was good at the beginning, and the flowers were long and cheerful, but it didn’t take long for the nightmare to start. The orchid began to get sick, with various germs and insects. During that time, I was fed medicine almost every day, but I was still unable to recover. Later I went again.My grandfather is troubled. He started scolding when he heard what I said about the situation in the Lanfang. It turned out that the lack of ventilation caused trouble.

Actually, knowing how to provide a good environment for orchids is right, but a too good environment will only backfire. Although the orchid house is a high-cost and professional cattleya equipment, it is really useful for people who grow orchids.No. But it won’t work without shading. In the end, I simply removed the plastic from the orchid shed and replaced it with black shading cloth. I didn’t expect the effect to be very good. The orchid grows cheerfully and there are few diseases.

5. What orchids want is not more water, but humidity.

I want to talk about the problem of watering orchids. Many people know the basic principle of watering orchids-no dry or no water. However, there is no absolute standard for the degree of dryness. Most people are buyingFlowersAt that time, I would ask the merchants a question: "How many days do you pour the water?", what I want to say here is, don't completely believe what the merchants say. The merchants are just merchants, and most of them are not plantingFlowersPeople, and the answers they gave are only a reference. Even if they are people who grow flowers, but because the environment at home is definitely not as good as the environment of other people's greenhouses, the frequency of watering must be different.

For newly purchased orchids, if you see that the plant material is still wet, do not water it first. Xinlan enters the house and puts it in a shady corner for two or three days. Let it calm down before watering it. WateringDo not soak the whole plant from a high place, but from a relatively low height, use a relatively gentle stream of water to thoroughly water the orchid. The so-called watering is not until water leaks from the bottom of the basin.As long as the orchid plant material is not soil, water will leak out from the bottom of the pot quickly, but this is not watering, let the orchid plants stay under the water for two to three minutes. After the water is stopped, let the water in the orchid pot dry, You can put it back when it is not dripping. Don't put the orchid in the water tray in order to save trouble. The roots must be rotten.

You can spray water on orchid plants several times a day when you are okay. Do not spray water in the sun. Try not to leave water drops on the leaves and flowers to avoid burns, especially white flowers.very easy.

The purpose of spraying water is to increase the air humidity. In fact, it is more reliable than frequent watering as well as frequent humidification. Orchid will thank you very much for your contribution.

6. If an orchid is unfortunately infected with germs, don’t feel bad and kill it.

The infection of the beloved orchid by germs is a very sad thing, because the chance of being basically saved is not great, and even if it is saved, the orchid plant will be greatly injured. What is more frightening is that the germ infection is contagious, Especially orchids of the same genus, the most easily infected.

Well, if you want to treat it, it really takes a lot of trouble, so at this time you have to swing the sword of wisdom and reluctantly cut love. Collect the diseased plants together-burn!

7. Don't wait until the flowers bloom.

Finally, the orchid is blooming, beautiful and eye-catching. Well, under normal circumstances, the flowering period of orchids can last for more than two weeks, but do you know that orchids, because of the flowering period of these weeks,It will cause great damage to vitality, and in serious cases, it may not bloom in the next year. In fact, the flower farmers grow strong for the orchids, and they will cut the flowers at the beginning of the orchid blooming. However, it is really unreasonable for us to do this, but we can.You don’t have to wait until the flowers are gone and then cut off the stamens. When the flowers bloom to the middle, they can be cut and used as cut flowers. Find a bottle to insert, which is equally beautiful. Just don’t cut to the bottom and leave a section of the peduncle for the orchid.The plant slowly recovers its nutrients so as not to stimulate the orchid plant.

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