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The ultimate salvation method after the phalaenopsis has rotten roots illustration

2019-09-15 15:15 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic orchid, which leads to improper planting and it is easier to rot the roots. Some florists asked the phalaenopsis to finally rescue the roots. In fact, the rescue method is not so magical. The rescue is the same operation process as the Clivia, Here we will explain to the flower buddy the process diagram of a flower buddy dealing with the rotten root of the Phalaenopsis.

Summary of how to rescue the rotten roots of Phalaenopsis: cut off the rotten part, leave as many stems as possible, the cut surface just touched the water surface, put it in a cool and light place, it took 13 days to finally grow roots, wait for the roots to grow againYou can plant it in a pot at one point.

We processed the rotten Phalaenopsis into the picture above, and then dried the wound in a cool and ventilated place!

Then put the processed Phalaenopsis on the bottle. Remember, instead of putting the stem in the water, the stem should touch the water a little bit or not. We use high humidity to stimulatePhalaenopsis takes root, and plants have the instinct to take root in a humid environment.

Some flower friends’ Phalaenopsis roots are not very bad, like the picture above, there is no need to peel them like the ones above. In this case, we clean up the rotten parts and conditionally carbendazim bubblesIf there is no carbendazim, let it dry in a cool and well-ventilated place, until the roots are dry, because these broken roots are of no value. If they are too fresh, they will continue to rot, so they must be wounds.It’s all dry. Then wrap the roots with tidal sphagnum moss and place it in an astigmatic environment.

This picture is the Phalaenopsis planted after rooting above, you can see that there are already flowers and arrows.

Here we need to tell the flower friends that Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic orchid. In its native environment, its roots are caught on tree trunks and the like, instead of growing in the soil, so when we plant Phalaenopsis,The roots cannot be planted in the soil like other flowers and plants, they must be moss, and a part of the roots should be left out to be in contact with the air. This is the correct way to grow Phalaenopsis

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