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How to deal with Jianlan Xiaobao

2020-08-27 11:17 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

For novices, it is inevitable to eliminate the buds. Some flower friends asked Jianlan how to deal with the elimination of buds. Let alone the reason for the elimination of buds. If the phenomenon of bud elimination has already occurred, we don’t need to do anything.It’s fine if the buds wilt naturally, and the buds will shrink naturally. Just cut them off when they are completely dry! Some flower friends worry that the wilted buds will cause rot, etc. As long as there is no problem with ventilation and humidity, this will generally not happen.Kind of situation.

CommonOrchidReason for the loss of buds:

1. Newly transplanted orchids

The orchid seedlings that we bought without potting soil have been in the hands of the merchants for a long time. The sellers rely entirely on water spraying to keep the orchids alive. The sentence is not very appropriate. It means that orchids have basically entered the water culture.In the state, although the root system cannot be visually decayed, in fact, it basically loses the function of absorbing water and fertilizer in the soil. Once planted in the potting soil, the natural water and fertilizer supply is insufficient, resulting in the phenomenon of de-buds. Therefore, if we buy such aFor orchid seedlings, it is better to remove the flower buds as soon as possible, so as not to consume nutrients and affect the survival of the plant. For orchids to bloom, you have to wait until two to three years later.

2. Vernalization problem

Improper entry time, mainly because the entry time is too early, the plants have not undergone the vernalization process, and the growth weakness will gradually appear, causing the orchid buds to fall.

3. Improper maintenance

After the orchid has budded, place it in the heating room for viewing. Due to the dry air, the budding phenomenon will also appear.

Probably it should be the main reason for orchid blooming: This is the problem of water. Orchids like moist potting soil and air, which is a basic common sense that everyone knows. However, potting soil needs to be maintained during the blooming period of orchidsSlightly dry, it is often unknown. Orchid is a fleshy root systemFlowers, its roots themselves will store abundant water. In the flowering period, the plant can rely on the water stored by itself to supply flowers. By the way, it is not just orchids. According to my observations and conclusions, all fleshy root plants are in the flowering period.In particular, it is necessary to keep the potting soil slightly dry, especially the performance of Clivia. For the Clivia potted plants under the same management in the early stage, before flowering, the soil in one pot is always kept moist, and the other pot is always kept dry. The test results are really incredible: potsWhen the soil is wet, there is an arrow trapping condition, and the dry potted Clivia blooms normally. Return to the topic of orchid blooming. In winter, the indoor air is dry. In order to solve the air humidity problem, the potted plants will be often sprayed with fine mist.If the water content of the pot soil is too large, it will cause the buds to disappear. Furthermore, spraying water on the buds at night is also a major cause of the orchids’ buds becoming dry as soon as they emerge.

The conclusion of the experiment is that the orchid blooming is not mainly due to drought, but the opposite is due to waterlogging.

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