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The flower friend asked if the Phalaenopsis can be replaced with flowers

2019-10-29 09:12 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

I received a question from a florist: Can the Phalaenopsis bring flowers in a pot? It is a taboo to change pots during the flowering period, but sometimes we don’t necessarily have to stick to this theory, in butterfliesOrchidIf you want to change the pot during the period, you can, but you can’t change the soil. Sometimes the Phalaenopsis we bought is in the blooming period, but the flowerpot is not beautiful. I want to change the pot. In this case, we only need to replace the original Phalaenopsis withThe medium is out of the basin as a whole, and then it can be changed to a new basin. You can also add more medium, but do not remove the old medium.

Any flower buddies can comeFlowersLooking at the market, many businesses change pots like this.

As long as the old medium is in, the effect of changing pots on the Phalaenopsis is almost negligible, but the soil replacement requires re-adaptation for the Phalaenopsis, and it is still in the flowering period, which may lead to a lack of nutrient supply, ranging from flower branches.Withered, in the worst case, when the nutrients are not connected, on the one hand, they try to supply nutrients to the flowers, and the roots can't absorb nutrients, so the plants die.

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