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Question: When will the Phalaenopsis be replaced?

2019-10-28 10:19 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Reply: Some flower friends asked when is the best time to change the Phalaenopsis. Phalaenopsis is a tropical plant and can be changed throughout the year in South China. However, considering the flowering period, it is recommended to do it during the growth period outside the flowering period.The operation of changing pots, because the situation of florists in different regions is different, the specific month cannot be given here, florists can observe their Phalaenopsis, do not change pots from the beginning of the buds to the blooming period, and they can change pots at other times.

Key points of Phalaenopsis repotting:

First soak the sphagnum moss with water to remove the impurities mixed in the sphagnum moss, then squeeze the water out by hand, peel the Phalaenopsis out of the basin, slowly remove the original sphagnum moss, and cut off the dry roots and rotten roots.Put a little sphagnum moss on the bottom of the pot, gather the roots and put them in the flower pots, and put the sphagnum loosely between the roots. It should not be too tight or too dense. Fill the plant material to 1~~ away from the edge of the pot.About 2cm is enough.

Do not water after the pot is placed, keep it in the diffused light place for a week, normal curing, after the surface sphagnum moss is dry, water it by spraying until there is water flowing out at the bottom, it is not necessary that all the sphagnum moss is wetThorough, not to soak the pot. In this method, not only can the pot be changed all year round, the flowering period is no exception, but also many phalaenopsis that are dying can be saved, so that they can regain their health and bloom every year.

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