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Wise plum winter and spring maintenance management method

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Five-color plum, evergreen flowering shrub, plant height 20 cm-50 cm,Strong smell. It can bloom throughout the year, with the most blooming from April to October, the flower color is rich and varied, each flower has several hues, and can change color, also known as "seven changes". Five-color plum flowers form ink after witheringGreen ball-shaped seeds will turn black when mature. If you can remove the seeds when they are green, they will continue to bloom.

The five-color plum is strong in growth, has a wide range of adaptability, drought-tolerant, barren-resistant, alkali-resistant, wind-resistant, transplant-resistant, pruning-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. It can grow in an environment above 3°C and often exposed to sunlight. Roof gardenDue to the strong wind and hot sun in summer, the concrete floor has strong light and heat radiation, and many flowers and trees grow poorly, but have no obvious impact on the five-color plum. Five-color plum is suitable for potted and flowerbed beautification, garden planting, cluster planting, and patch planting.Make hedges, ground covers, and roads divide the island greening and beautifying plants.

As long as you master its growth habits, even if there are not manyFlowersPeople with cultivation knowledge and experience can also cultivate five-color plum. But the promotion of five-color plum is still a problem. At present, there are few cultivation in China, and many cities are still blank. The reason is that five-color plum cultivation.ReproductionEspecially in winter and spring cultivation and management still have some difficulties. According to my experience, five-color plum cultivation and management in winter and spring must master the following points:

1. The five-color plum is a long-day positive plant and needs strong light. The cultivation plot should be selected in a place with sufficient sunlight. The soil is best with fertile humus soil, and no waterlogging. The most suitable temperature is 20℃-30℃. Frost, It should be covered with antifreeze materials with good light transmission performance during snowfall. It is best to cultivate it by bright windows indoors. Because the temperature is lower than 3℃ or there is no sunlight for a long time, the leaves will turn black and even the whole plant will die.When there is no anti-freezing condition, thick soil can be cultivated on the roots. Even if the branches and leaves are damaged by frost, the roots can be kept in stock. Once the weather turns warmer, the moisture is sufficient and they can grow vigorously.

2. The five-color plum grows vigorously from late spring to autumn, and it must be built frequently to maintain a beautiful tree shape. The pruned branches can be cut and seedlings. They should be watered frequently during the blooming period and the seedling period. In winter, you should mainly pay attention to cold and frost protectionIf overwintering in enclosed balconies and greenhouses, they can be managed as usual, not only to keep the branches and leaves evergreen and blooming, but also cuttings and seedlings are available at any time.

3. Some people think that five-color plums must be constantly moved to allow them to be exposed to the sun to grow well. But in my experience, the environment is stable and maintain a constant temperature. If it is cultivated in a well-lit room in winter and spring, it is not necessary to move frequentlyIf it is in a place with low temperature, poor ventilation, and low light, or after several days of rain and rain, there is not enough light. Once the weather becomes clearer and warmer, it is necessary to move to the sun for a while, and then move back indoors to prevent freezing at night.

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