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How to reproduce fortune tree

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Fortune TreeIt is a small tree of the genus Melon of the Kapok family. It is a potted indoor viewing stem and foliage plant. Usually, it is artificially processed into three braids or five braids, which has high ornamental value. Because the tree is native to the south and is abundant in the northTherefore, we have explored a set of sand culture method for twig cuttings, which has been successful in the northern region Shandong. This method hasReproductionThe advantages of fast speed, high survival rate, time-saving and labor-saving, etc. are introduced as follows:

1. Seedbed finishing

Choose a deep and fertile garden, adjust it to a border surface with a width of 1 meter. The length depends on the number. The north-south direction is appropriate. The border surface is deep-turned to remove the topsoil, smash it, and pave the lower layer.3 cm thick gravel, top with 10 to 15 cm thick fresh river sand and slag, the humidity should be held in a clump with your hands, and it will disperse when you let go. Spray the bed surface with 40% formalin 400 times and drench it.The depth is 3 to 5 cm, covered with plastic film for 3 days to disinfect the soil.

2. Cutting strip collection

Choose healthy semi-lignified branches of the year and cut them on a cloudy or windless morning. The length of the cut is 6 to 7 cm. The lower incision is inclined and located under the leaf or axillary bud. The incision should be smooth to facilitate formationHealing tissue. Generally, each cutting has two palm leaves. Be careful not to damage the leaves to facilitate photosynthesis.

3. Fine cuttings

The cuttings of Fa Caishu are carried out from late June to early August. It should be cut in cloudy days in summer or in the morning and evening. When cutting, put one-half of the cuttings in 25 PPM I ABT for rootingSoak in the liquid for 20 to 24 hours, remove it and rinse with clean water. Use a small wooden stick to make holes on the border surface, then insert the cuttings along the holes, and then seal the holes.When the strips are long, they can be inserted obliquely. The depth of the cuttings should not be crooked, generally 3 to 5 cm. After insertion, water thoroughly in time, straighten the wrong cuttings and cover them with plastic cloth.

4. Seedling management

Ventilation once every 3 days after cuttings. The temperature is high from June to August, and the water evaporates quickly. Spray water once in the morning and evening. The temperature is kept between 23 and 25 degrees, and the humidity is about 80% of the field water holding capacity.In order to promote the lignification of seedlings, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed before the end of August. To prevent fungal infection, spray thiophanate-methyl or carbendazim on the border every 7 days. Generally produced in about 15 daysThe callus will take root in about 30 days.

5. Seedling transplanting

Before the seedlings are placed in the pot, the nutrient soil should be prepared first, with 3 parts of leaf soil, 1 part of sand, and 2 parts of garden soil before planting. When transplanting, pay attention not to damage the roots, and the depth shall be based on the original root base.After planting, water it thoroughly and place it in the shade to avoid sun exposure. From now on, water it according to the condition of the pot soil every day, so as to see dry and wet.

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