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Can Shouxing Peach bear fruit|Yes, but focus on viewing flowers

2018-03-20 23:01 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Edit Original

Some flower friends like potted fruit trees, and Shou Xing Tao is more suitable for potted peach trees, but the flower friends asked, can Shou Xing Tao fruit? The editor did some homework for this problem, and compiled the information for the reference of flower friends.

Shouxing peaches can bear fruit, but Shouxing peaches are mainly horticultural ornamental plants, not edible. This is similar to green peaches, which can also bear fruit, but the fruit is generally difficult to grow.

According to the information, the fruit of Shouxing Peach is orange-yellow and reddish, with a diameter of up to 7.5 cm, with a core with deep pits and grooves, and white seeds inside.

But according to what the editor understands, although most flower lovers’ potted Shouxing peaches will bear fruit after flowering, most of the pictures sent out are small peaches that is, peaches that have not grown, and according to flower lovers, The fruit drop is very serious.

From the view of the flower friends, although the data shows that the birthday star peaches can bear fruit, the actual potted birthday star peaches can bear fruit and grow to the size of the information. Although there are individual pictures on the Internet, they cannot be fully accepted. BelowThis picture is a picture found on the Internet, and the note is a birthday peach, for reference only!

For the fruit of the birthday peach, thin the fruit twice in the first and third weeks after flowering. According to the size of the plant, leave 3-4 small peaches for each branch, and finally leave 1-2 for each branch for viewing.Don't be greedy, the advantages of combing fruit outweigh the disadvantages.

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