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How to maintain potted figs in summer

2019-07-18 14:45 Source: flower-fans Author: editor
The plum blossoms in early July, and most areas enter the hottest summer of the year. How to maintain potted figs in summer? In this weather, potted figs especially the vigorously growing young trees are most prone to shortagesWater and fertilizer shortage, short-term water and fertilizer shortage, will cause serious damage, leaves and immature fruits will turn yellow, wither, and fall off.
According to experience, judging from the resistance of figs, most varieties can resist and can survive the summer safely without lack of water or fertilizer.
The current watering, if you still follow the principle of dry watering, it is a big mistake. When the basin surface is dry, the young tree has been damaged by drought.
On the other hand, to resist such summer weather, figs consume more nutrients. Small trees lacking fertilizer and some nutrients will have a great decline in resistance. Therefore, fertilizer is not necessary at this time, and fertilization should be paid attention to.Nutrients are balanced, and potassium fertilizer and calcium fertilizer should be appropriately increased.
According to the above understanding, I did not adopt other methods such as shading, and I still work hard on watering and fertilizing.
As always, take the method of combining water and fertilizer. Dissolve high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer in the water. This fertilizer contains a variety of medium and trace elements. Add a little calcium nitrate and add a little cooked organic fertilizer solution.The concentration is mastered based on your own experience, so use this kind of water and fertilizer.
How to water? The water accumulated in the tray under the basin is dry. This is the basis for watering. Water immediately, regardless of morning, afternoon, or evening! Of course, generally speaking, the harshest sunny weather is also poured three times.There is a certain amount of water in the tray.
In this way, the normal growth of figs can basically be guaranteed, and the summer can be safely passed through.
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