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How to breed dragon beard iron

2012-03-26 21:48 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: beautiful

Dragon's blood tree, mountain kelp, is a perennial evergreen shrubs or trees. It likes a warm, humid and sunny environment. It is not difficult to cultivate Dragon's trees, as long as the light is sufficient and the air is fresh and humid.It can grow vigorously, with a life span of up to a thousand years.

Asparagus fern can be mixed with humus soil, peat soil and river sand as a substrate, and cultivated under the condition of shading 70~80%. Apply compound fertilizer 1~2 times a month during the growing season to keep the soil moist.More leaf surface should be sprayed to increase the air humidity, the leaf quality will be thicker, the leaf color will be brighter, and not easy to dry tip. Winter should be protected from the cold, should be kept above 8 ℃, the pot soil should be less watered, but the floor should be wetted frequently to increase the humidity to keep the leavesColor and prevent dry tips are effective.

After entering the room, Longxu iron often sprays water on the leaves, it can be viewed indoors for a long time, and it is not easy to dry the leaf tips. Some plants damaged by the indoor display, if the damage is not serious, just move back to the production site for a period of maintenanceRecoverable, some severely damaged plants are difficult to recover and can be used as seedlingsReproductionUse.

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