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How to breed white orchids in winter focus on temperature

2018-03-29 23:36 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: editor

Many plants need to be cultivated flexibly in winter. This is mainly because of different regions and different environments. There is a difference between heating and no heating. There is also a difference between the south and the north, so the flower friends ask the question.OrchidHow to breed in winter, the information given below, flower friends should use it flexibly according to the actual situation, not blindly.

After Bailanhua enters winter, the following points must be done to survive the winter safely.

⒈Temperature. Whether the white orchid can survive the winter safely, temperature is a major key. After entering the "autumn equinox", the white orchid should be moved indoors, and the temperature should be maintained at 5~10℃. When the temperature is too high, it should be properly cooled.

⒉Humidity. It is necessary to spray into the air frequently to increase the humidity of the surrounding environment. It is advisable to open windows for ventilation from 10 am to 2 pm on a fine day, but avoid the cold wind in the north.

ps: If there is heating indoors in the north, it can be sprayed frequently, and if it is in the south, where the air humidity is high, spraying is not necessary.

⒊Light. After the white orchid is moved indoors, it should be placed in a sunny place.

⒋Moisture. Watering should be controlled, and watering should not be done until the pot soil is completely dry, and fertilization is prohibited.

ps: Because of the heating in the north, the air is dry and the water in the pot soil evaporates quickly. Watering can be done when the pot soil is short of water.

⒌Qingming is the transitional stage. When the temperature is warmer, the plants can be moved outside at noon to shelter from the sun, spraying water on the leaves, and then moved indoors in the afternoon, and when the temperature stabilizes above 10 ℃, they can be moved outdoorsPerform normal maintenance.

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