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How to trim white orchids not blindly

2018-05-02 08:44 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: editor

I saw a flower friend asked about the potted plantsOrchidHow to pruning, it is necessary to talk to the florist, generally potted plants are whiteOrchidIt is by picking leaves to control tree vigor and flowering, not by pruning, and if the branches of white orchids have been lignified, they cannot be pruned, because they will wither. If pruning is generally the green branches without lignification can be pruned.

White orchids generally do not need to be pruned except for pruning diseased and dead branches. If necessary, they can also be pruned appropriately. But leaves must be picked.

Before the white orchid is moved out of the greenhouse, the leaves are usually picked once, that is, all the old leaves are removed, leaving only a few leaves at the top of the branch, the purpose is to promote new branches. The leaves should also be picked after the flower, and the autumn flowerThey must be picked afterwards; however, it should not be removed too much. The purpose is to inhibit the growth of the tree and promote the gestation of flower buds, otherwise it will easily grow excessively.

Enter the room in the cool autumn, and leave the room in the warm spring. Remove old leaves and cut off dead branches before entering the room. Open doors and windows as soon as you enter the room to facilitate ventilation. Do not water the pot until it is dry enough., Otherwise it is tender and easy to wilt. Control watering during the winter, and keep the room temperature above 5*C. You should choose a windless and semi-cloudy day when you leave the house. After leaving the house, pour water once and raise the bottom of the basin to facilitate drainage.Sturdy diseased plants should come out later. The pot can be changed after leaving the house, but it is better to change the pot after the Spring Festival. When changing the pot, you only need to remove the rotten roots, do not need to repair the roots, and do not need to peel off the soil ball.The soil can be changed. The pot life depends on the size of the plant. The young plants should be replaced every year, the older ones are replaced every other year, and the 10-15-year-old trees should be replaced in 3 to 4 years..

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