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Nymphaea cultivation method

2012-06-16 04:50 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Li Mu

Nymphoides is a shallow water plant of Gentianaceae and Nymphoides. The stems are slender, soft and multi-branched, creeping, rooting at the nodes, floating on water or in the soil. Nymphoides leaf-shaped water lilies are small and unique, bright yellowThe flowers stand out from the water, and the flowers have a long blooming period, which is a good product for the garden to decorate the waterscape.

Nymphoides is generally dried from March to May to turn green, May-October blooms and bears fruit, September-October fruit matures. Plants bloom and bear fruit, until frost falls, the water part will die. In warm areas, the green grass period can reach 240 daysAround, the flowering and fruiting period is about 150 days.

NymphoidesReproductionPower and regeneration are quite strong. It uses seedsReproduction, it can also be propagated with rhizome buds. After the fruit matures, it cracks on its own. The seeds are spread by water; the rhizomes are obliquely extended in the soil of about 10cm, and the roots and buds are knotted.

After overwintering, the rhizomes or stolons are interrupted and grow independently from buds to develop into new plants. It is easy to survive with its stolons and rhizomes thrown into water or buried in mud. Its regenerative power is also very strong, and it is harvested during the growing season 3-It can still be regenerated 4 times.

Depending on the size of the pot and the crowdedness of the plants, Nymphaea potted plants should be divided into pots every 2-3 years. In winter, the pots should be kept with water, so that they can survive the winter by putting them leeward to the sun. Nymphaea is planted in a pool with a water depth of 40About centimeters are more suitable, and the depth of potted plants is about 10 centimeters. Use ordinary pond mud as the substrate, not too fertilizer, otherwise the branches and leaves will be lush, and the flowers will be scarce. If the leaves are yellow, you can bury a small amount of compound fertilizer or fertilizer tablets in the pot.Always keep plenty of sunlight, there must be no shortage of water in the basin, or it will dry out easily.

Nymphaea is more extensively managed, and aphids should be controlled during the growth period. This article is from: YuhuaguFlowersNet

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