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How to raise hydroponic tulips|simple

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I saw a flower friend asking how to raise hydroponic tulips. Although it is not recommended, it is actually completely possible, and it is just like hydroponicsHyacinthIt is as simple as it is, and it can even be applied to hydroponicsHyacinthMethod. We first need to know why hydroponic bulbous plants are simple. We can see that whether it is hydroponic hyacinth, tulip or even Hippeastrum, it can bloom. This is because the nutrients for bulbous plants come from the bulb itself., Not from the root absorption.
So, although we can see that the roots of hydroponic bulbous plants grow a lot and strong, it is not enough to nourish the bulbs to bloom or not.
Tulips are also bulbous plants, so if you want hydroponics for the tulips we bought, you can clean up the root plate properly, clean up the withered old roots, and put them on the hydroponic vessel. The root plate will touch a little waterIt’s okay, even 2 mm away from the water, because the humidity on the surface of the water is high, the roots will be formed. If possible, it is best to shade the utensils and do not expose the roots to the sun, otherwise it is easy to grow algae, which is unsightly and unfavorableroot.
After rooting, you generally don’t need to change the water. If you see that the water is low, just add some water. You don’t need to put nutrient solution. Be careful not to sprinkle water on the tulips to avoid mold when adding water.It’s fine in a lighted place, because we shaded the hydroponic culture vessel, so it’s fine to bask in the sun.
The whole process of hydroponic tulip is probably like this, very simple. The difficulty is generally the moldy tulip sphere encountered during the hydroponic process, which is mainly caused by the sphere being too humid. Please pay attention to ventilation at ordinary times.In the water. There is also root rot. If the roots rot during hydroponics, we can clean up the rotted roots, and then properly clean up the root disks and switch to soil cultivation. Generally, the survival rate can reach 80%, unless it isIt's so bad, it won't be saved.
The multi-flowering of tulips is okay. It’s not that they can’t multi-flower in the second year, but the multi-flowering of hydroponics is much smaller than that of soil-grown ones, so hydroponics is not recommended because hydroponics looks clean.In fact, if you use better peat soil, it will still be very clean, and tulips will grow better.
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