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Plantaceae, also known as wheel vegetable, pork belly vegetable, gray pot grass, rattle vegetable, toad leaf, etc., is a perennial herbaceous plant. It grows mostly in mountains, roadsides, flower beds, riversides and other places. The rhizomes are shortened.Hypertrophic, densely growing whisker-like roots. All leaves are rooted, the leaves are smooth, broadly ovate, with wavy edges, with inconspicuous blunt teeth between them, five main veins, convex to the back of the leaf, ribbed into the petiole, and the leaf often and the petioleEqual length.

Plantaceae in spring, summer and autumn, with spike-like inflorescences in the center of the plant body, small flowers, inconspicuous corolla. Oval-shaped capsules, persistent styles at the top, cover cracks when mature, and sprinkle seeds. It is good for water to drain, clear heat and detoxify, Clear liver, improve eyesight, expectorant, antidiarrheal effect.

Plantain is not only medicinal, but also edible, and it is loved by people. Many folk songs and stories about plantain have appeared.

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