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Is the bachelor tree poisonous tell the truth

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Many flower friends know about the poisonous information of single stick trees, the author also tried to check a lot of information, and the result is that single stick trees are poisonous, but it does not prevent us from normal maintenance, because its toxicity is mainly reflected in the consumption or juiceContact etc.

Let’s first look at a piece of information this piece of information is also seen on some foreign websites:

In many countries and regions, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, the Malabar coast and the Malay Archipelago, the single tree is used as a traditional medicine raw material to treat pregnant women with insufficient milk, ringworm sores and joint swelling and pain after delivery.The strain contains toxic emulsions. The emulsions can be used as emetics and laxatives, but strong irritating skin contact can cause skin inflammation, redness, itching, and pustules, against the golden colorGrapesThe cocci has an anti-biotic effect. Its juice can be used to lax, drive wind, treat gonorrhea, whooping cough, asthma, edema, leprosy, jaundice, bladder stones, etc.; its milk can also be used to treat itching and scorpion stings.

The above information is relatively theoretical, because we have no chance to understand these things when we live in China. I understand the situation in China and I haven’t seen anyone poisoned by eating bachelor trees by mistake. One case is, oneA flower buddy’s parrot ate a little bit of bachelor’s tree, and then was a little sluggish. From these small cases combined with the above information, we can conclude that bachelor’s tree cannot be eaten by accident, let alone eaten as a medicinal material.

Let’s talk about the editor’s opinion below. If you are concerned that the bachelor tree is poisonous and appropriate harmful gas, you don’t have to worry about it. If it is because there are children or pets at home that are at risk of ingestion, then you can consider not raising bachelors.tree.

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