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What kind of Han Xincao picture

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Hanxincao is a perennial herb of the scutellaria baicalensis family in the Lamiaceae, and a Chinese herbal medicine. The whole herb can be used as medicine. It is bitter, cold and non-toxic., So the editor collected and sorted out a few pictures of Han Xincao for the reference of flowers!

Hanxin grass blooms and bears fruit from February to June, distributed in China, North Korea, Japan, India, Indochina, Indonesia and other places.

Wild Hanxin grass is often found in fields, streams and under sparse forests. Therefore, Hanxin grass is cultivated under humid, shaded or partially shaded environmental conditions. The soil requirements are not strict, and loose and fertile sandy loam is suitable..

Of course, we can not only see Hanxin grass in the wild, but now Hanxin grass is also used for potted flowers and flower bed cultivation, and it can also be used for landscape gardening and ground cultivation.

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