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Cultivation points of Chlorophytum

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Stone spider plant alias black black bone, stone cowpea, stone adenophorum, Ozawa orchid, rock cowpea, rock tea, rock adenophora, rock orchid, rock grass, lung red grass, melon seed grass, stone flower, postpartum tea, mountain adenophora, Shi Sanqi, Shihu, Rock ginseng, Shi cowpea, Shi Yangmei, Yantou Panax notoginseng, Yantiaozi, Bamboo not thorn, Yuanlan, Dikai Loquat. It belongs to the evergreen epiphytic semi-shrub of Gesneriaceae.

Environment:Prefers warm and humid climate. It grows vigorously in the hot and rainy seasons in June and July. It is cold-resistant, not afraid of waterlogging, and likes fertilizer. It grows luxuriantly in fertile soils. Choose sunny, deep soil and rich humus loam or sandy loamSuitable for cultivation; not suitable for cultivation under dry, barren and non-irrigated conditions.

ReproductionWhen digging rhizomes, choose white, thick and tender rhizomes, cut into 10-15cm long pieces, according to row spacing 30-45cm, plant spacing 15-20cm, plant immediately, plant 2-3 sections per hole, with thick soil5cm, watering after a little pressure. Winter planting will emerge in the spring of the following year, and spring planting will emerge about 10 days later. Seed amount per 1hm2 is 750-900kg. After the seeds are harvested, they will be sown in 3-4 months with a row spacing of 30cm and covered with soil after sowing., Slightly suppressed. The seed germination rate is 50%-60%. The soil temperature is around 17-20℃, and after sowing with sufficient temperature, the seedlings will emerge in about 10 days. The sowing amount per 1hm2 is 3.75kg.

Management:At the young stage, pay attention to weeding and loosening the soil. When the seedling height is 30cm, after the ridge is closed, you can not dry the land, but you should pay attention to watering and keep the soil moist. The seedling height is 10-15cm and after the first harvest, bothTopdressing should be applied, decomposed human and livestock manure water, or ammonium sulfate 2225-300kg per 1hm. After 2-3 years of planting, the plants will grow in clusters and should be replanted.

Pests and diseasesPrevention:The disease has rust, you can use 200-300 times solution of dirust sodium, add a little synthetic detergent, and spray for prevention. Insect pests have inchworms, which occur in June and July, you can spray with 90% trichlorfon 800-1000 times solution. PerillaWild borer. Larvae damage the leaves and appear in Beijing from July to September. Control methods: clear the garden, treat the stubble, plow the land after harvest to reduce the source of overwintering insects.

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