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Why the stems and leaves of Asparagus are easy to turn yellow

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Asparagus, Liliaceae plant. Also known as Asparagus. It is cold in nature, sweet in taste, slightly bitter. It has the effects of nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the kidney. It is used to treat yin deficiency and fever, cough and vomiting, lung carbuncle, and throat swellingPain, Diabetes, constipation, etc. The reasons for the yellowing of the stems and leaves of Asparagus are roughly the following 4 situations:

1. Lack of nutrition. The root system of Asparagus grows fast and developed. Long-term non-changing of pots and soil will cause the roots in the pots to become crowded, lack of nutrients for absorption and use, resulting in yellowing of the leaves.

2. Improper fertilization. If you apply unripe organic fertilizer during the growth period, it is easy to burn the roots and cause scorched leaves. For this reason, you need to apply a fully decomposed liquid fertilizer, with a thin fertilizer, a small amount, and frequent application.

3. The sunlight is too strong. If it is placed under direct sunlight in summer, it will easily cause the stems and leaves to wither.

4. Insufficient light. If it is placed in a place with insufficient indoor light or outdoor shade for a long time, it will easily cause the stems and leaves to wilt. In order to make it grow vigorously, except for the shade in summer, proper light should be given in other seasons.

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