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The medicinal value of Gardenia

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Gardenia's flowers, fruits, leaves and roots can be used as medicine. It has the effects of clearing fire and detoxification, purging fire and eliminating troubles. Its flowers have a good effect on lung heat and cough, and its leaves can cure toxic sores. Gardenia's fruits have anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects.Heat, improve eyesight, stop bleeding, quench thirst, and relieve urination. It can cure jaundice and severe painful upset caused by heat. It can also be used for vomiting blood. Gardenia is ground into powder, mixed with flour and egg white to make a paste, It can reduce swelling and relieve pain when applied to the affected area of ​​injury or contusion. Gardenia root has the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, and detoxifying.

1 It is used for fever, upset, restlessness and other symptoms. Gardenia jasminoides can relieve the heat and relieve the annoyance. At the initial stage of the qi syndrome of external fever, fever, chest tightness, upset and other symptoms can be seen.Gardenia and tempeh are used to remove evil and relieve heat, relieve irritability and relieve depression. For all true heat syndromes, such as high fever, irritability, delirium, etc., you can use this product with Coptis chinensis to relieve fire and clear away evil heat.

2 It is used for vomiting blood, epistaxis, blood in urine, red eyes, swelling and pain, sores and swelling caused by heat toxin and real fire. Shanzhi also has the effects of cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing heat and detoxifying, and it is used to treat blood heatSudden action is often compatible with Habitat, Platycladus orientalis leaves, paeonol, etc.; for the treatment of red eyes, swelling and pain, it can be compatible with chrysanthemum, Shijue Ming, etc.; for sores and swelling, it can be used equivalently with Coptis, Yinhua and Forsythia.

3 This product can release heat and promote dampness. It can be used for jaundice, yellowing of the face and skin, tiredness, reduced diet and other symptoms caused by damp heat and stagnation. It is often used the same as Phellodendron amurense and Artemisia annua.Ziyanmo, mixed with flour and rice wine, has the effect of reducing swelling and activating collaterals. It can be used for fall injuries, sprains, skin bruises and pain. It is a commonly used folk medicine for hanging muscles, especially suitable for limbs and joints.Muscle and tendon injuries.

4 Gardenia, a mountain gardenia, lightly clears upwards, can relieve lung fire, remove skin heat, and can play a dual-relief effect when there is heat on the outside and inside; this product is bitter and cold., It can also release the triple-burner fire, cool the serum and heat the heart, which can be used for fever, upset, bloody heat and hematuria. Therefore, Shanzhi can not only clear the qi and separate the heat, but also clear the blood and separate the heat.It can be used to treat jaundice when it is wet, and it is also its specialty. This product is equipped with scutellaria, which can relieve lung fire; with light tempeh, it can relieve the heat of the outside and the inside. With scutellaria, it can relieve the triple burn and clear the heart heat;Danpi can cool the blood to stop bleeding, treat bloody heat, vomiting and hematuria; it can be used with phellodendron, Yinchen, it can clear away heat and dampness, and treat damp-heat jaundice. In the past, it has been clinically used to remove skin heat from the skin and the skin.The usage of Renqing Xinzhe has now been simplified in Shanghai, using the whole gardenia instead of gardenia and gardenia.

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