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Lemongrass cultivation technology

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Lemongrass, also called Elsholtzia, is one of the common herbs. It is also called because of its lemon aromaLemongrass. The effect of treating rheumatism is quite good, treating migraine, anti-infection, improving digestive function, deodorizing, repelling insects. Anti-infection, astringent skin, conditioning greasy and unclean skin. Gives a sense of freshness, restores physical and mental balance especially when you are sickStage.

Cultivation technology

Choose a place: Elsholtzia has no strict requirements on soil, general soil can be cultivated, but alkaline soil and sandy soil are not suitable for cultivation. It is not suitable for repeated cropping because of drought. The previous crop of cereals, beans, and vegetables is better.

Site preparation: Turn the ground 20 cm, apply farmyard manure before turning, the row spacing of the ridges is 40 cm-50 cm, or make a flat head. Because the seeds are small, the ground must be leveled and raked.

seeding: There are two types of direct seeding and seedling transplanting. The suitable sowing methods are strip sowing or sowing. The specific sowing time is determined by the new time on the banana. Spring sowing should be 6-8 days before the end of the final frost, in order to balance the market supplyIt can be planted every 10 days to 15 days; in order to be marketed in winter, the sowing time should be 80 days to 90 days before the first frost period. In order to produce all seedlings at a time, the soil must be sowed with a certain amount of humidity, and the cover should be light.Suppression.

Field management: after all the seedlings emerge and the time of seedlings, the spacing between 2 cm and 5 cm; the ridge planting should be cultivated and weeded in time; the artificial weeding for the sowing, small row spacing and continuous sowing can also be used with plowing or grass gramChemical herbicides prevent gramineous grass dyeing; the plots with higher soil fertility do not need to be topdressed, and those with poor soil fertility are used to create nitric acid once at the seedling height of 15 cm. Water is appropriate for drought.

Seed harvest: Seeds can be harvested without farming; you can also choose large and strong mother plants in the production field. When the lower seed of the upper inflorescence has matured and started to fall, lightly cut it in the morning and place it on plastic to dry for 3 days.It can be threshed in 5 days. Seed collection time is very important. The seeds are immature when they are cut early, and the seeds are planted when they are cut late. Each mu can produce 24 kg of seeds.

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