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Difference between Lonicera and Honeysuckle|Leaves and dried flowers

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Because the appearance of Lonicerae and Honeysuckle are similar, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish, so this article sorted out their appearance including the state when dried for the reference of florists. It should be possible to initially distinguish Lonicerae from Honeysuckle.

The difference between leaves and flowers:

The flower needles of honeysuckle are relatively rare, and there are many leaves. There are fine hairs on the edge and leaf surface of the leaves. At the same time, the color of honeysuckle gradually turns from yellow to white when it blooms; while the needles of honeysuckle are denser, And the leaf surface is relatively smooth, and there is no fluff.

Dry flower difference dry bud or flower with first blooming:

The finished needles of dried honeysuckle flowers are rod-shaped and often do not crack, and there are almost no cracks, while the finished needles of dried honeysuckle flowers often crack.

Because there are some disputes between the two, so for some other points of view, I will not elaborate here, only the difference in appearance, for the reference of flower friends!

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