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The cultivation method of Forsythia

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Forsythia suspensa, also known as yellow flower strips, husks, Qingqiao, Luoqiao, Huang Qidan, etc., the fruit is used as medicine. Forsythia is a traditional Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It mainly treats the first onset of fever, wind-heat and cold, fever, upset, sore throat,Acute nephritis, etc.; like a warm, dry environment, cold-tolerant, drought-tolerant, barren-tolerant, and afraid of waterlogging. The soil requirements are not strict.


It can be propagated by seed or by cutting ramets.

Seed propagation: live broadcast in the south in early and mid-March, in the north in early April, dig a small hole in the prepared hole, about 3 cm deep, choose mature, full and disease-free seeds, sow 5 per hole-10 grains, covered with soil and slightly pressed to make the seeds and soil tightly combined. Generally 3-4 years later, they will bloom and bear fruit. On the flattened and raked seedling bed, open a 1 cm deep trench with a row spacing of 20 cm, and mix the seeds with fine sandSprinkle evenly into the ditch, cover with soil and press slightly, use 2 kg of seeds per mu. Seedlings emerge about half a month after sowing in spring. The height of the seedlings is 5 cm for fixed seedlings. When the height is 10 cm, the soil is loosened and weeded.Apply it with water to promote the growth of seedlings. Transplant before sprouting in the autumn of the year or the spring of the second year. According to the row spacing of 120 cm × 150 cm, the hole diameter is 30 cm, apply 5 kg of fertilizer, mix with soil, and plant seedlings 2-3 plants, fill the soil to half the hole, lift the seedlings slightly to stretch the roots, and then cover with soil to fill them, and make sure that they are stable. If the soil is dry, water after transplanting, and then cultivate soil to protect moisture.

Cutting propagation: In summer and rainy days, cut the middle and upper part of the 1-2 year old twigs into 30 cm long cuttings, and open a 20 cm deep groove on the seedbed according to the row spacing of 5 cm × 30 cm.In the ditch, then cover the soil and compact it to keep the border bed moist. It can take root in the same year and transplant before the spring sprouts the next year.

Field Management

In the seedling stage of seed propagation, when the seedling is 20 cm high, weed, loosen the soil and thin the seedlings. When thinning, leave 2 plants in each hole and water it at the right time. When the seedlings are 30-40 cm high, you can apply dilute manure and urine once.Promote its growth. When the main stem is 70-80 cm high, the top tips are cut off, and multiple side branches are cultivated to form the main branch. Later, 3-4 strong branches are selected on the main branch to grow into the auxiliary main branch, and the side branches are released.Make it lower than the short crown, inner space and outer circle, ventilated and light, small branches sparse, and early fruiting natural open-hearted branch type. Cut off weak branches, long branches and diseased branches at any time. Farmhouse fertilizer and phosphorus can be applied in the fruiting period., Potassium fertilizer, promote early ripening of fruit.

Harvest processing

There are two types of medicinal use: "Qingqiao" and "Huangqiao" also known as Laoqiao. "Qingqiao" is harvested in early September when the peel is blue and immature, and boiled in boiling water for a while or put in a steamerInner fan for about half an hour, take out to dry. The color is greenish green is better. "Yellow Alice" in early October, the fruits are ripe and turn yellow, and the husks are cracked. Harvest, sift off the seeds can be used for seeding, impurities, and sunServe dry, preferably with yellow color, thick shell and no seeds.

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